China joins [Philippines] controversial drug war

Soon after Duterte was elected, dead bodies mummified in packaging tape and signed with a warning, “Drug addict. Don’t be like me,” turned up in ditches and dark corners.

According to a statement released… by the Philippine Department of Finance, the [Chinese] funds will be equally divided between the Department of Health (DOH) for the construction of drug “rehabilitation” centers and various law enforcement agencies for the procurement of police equipment. In November, the government opened the country’s first “mega drug rehabilitation center” at a military camp in Nueva Ecija located north of Manila. A Chinese real estate billionaire [Huang Rulun, who was ranked as China’s No. 1 philanthropist in 2012 and who “has no business interest in the Philippines. All his businesses are in China.” She added that Huang had previously met President Rodrigo Duterte three times.] who once lived in Manila funded the construction of the center, which can reportedly accommodate 10,000 patients.

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China joins [Philippines] controversial drug war & Rehab Center Donor
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