Baeocystin: an ignored magic mushroom compound

Baeocystin was first isolated by Leung and Paul in 1968 from the mushroom Psilocybe baeocystis (hence the name). Other researchers later isolated it from Psilocybe semilanceataPanaeolus renenosusPanaeolus subbalteatus, and Copelandia chlorocystis.

Jochen Gartz refers to a report that “10 mg of baeocystin were found to be about as psychoactive as a similar amount of psilocybin.” Although the presence or absence of a methyl group [the difference between psilocybin and baeocystin] seems like a small structural change, those sorts of differences often result in significant changes in pharmacology.  For example, amphetamine and methamphetamine differ “only” by one methyl group on their respective ethylamino groups.  That difference results in dramatically different activity between the two molecules. 

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Baeocystin: An Ignored Psilocybin Derivative
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