Legal mushrooms? Oregon may vote on it.

“There really is no danger if you do it in a regulated situation,” Tom Eckert, a licensed professional counselor and one of the leaders of the Oregon Psilocybin Society, the force behind the measure, says by phone. “You’re not going to overdose, it’s not addictive. We see a lot of excitement around the idea. This could happen quicker than everyone expects.”

One enterprising group has recently submitted a proposal to the Oregon state government for a ballot initiative that would legalize psilocybin mushrooms by as early as November 2018. Though if it actually passes, mushrooms wouldn’t just be sold at the corner store like marijuana dispensaries. They would be done with a trained person there, sober, with the approval of a doctor — similar to the way ketamine treatments for depression are done.

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Legal mushrooms? Oregon may vote on it.
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