Rachel Anderson, BA – Co-Founder/Director/BOD Member

Rachel’s focus is on somatic therapies and the healthy integration of plant practices. She has successfully fund-raised, planned and organized public events, hosted intentional integration practices with ethnobotanicals, created artwork, designed integration journals, met with the 4J school board to discuss drug awareness education in classrooms. Rachel brings power, stability, and genuine strength and determination to ECfES and acts as an original steward for the original ECfES vision.

Carolyn Garcia (aka Mountain Girl) – BOD Member

Studied botany and cannabis cultivation, with an emphasis on conservation and information sharing. Her book, Primo Plant helped early cannabis growers use organic practices. Carolyn provides decades of networked experience and ethnobotanical non-profit experience, including serving as a Board Member with the Women’s Visionary Congress. She has lived and worked in Eugene for decades.

David Atkin – BOA Member
(Founder and Director of Center for Non-Profit Law)

David Atkin is the Founder and Director of Center for Nonprofit Law. David has been deeply involved in the nonprofit sector for over 35 years.

J. Yochanan Russell – BOD Member
Founder – Ancient Sacred Medicinals

An herbalist and holistic lifestyle Ayurvedic Practitioner of over 20 years, a recent cancer-survivor and owner of Ancient Medicinal Herbs LLC. His knowledge of healing herbs has been refined and crafted into his ‘CBD Master Blend’ product line, which are CBD Enhanced Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Formulas. Yochanan had an early introduction to entheogens, and he’s been inspired most to share his life as an advocate… in order to heal and alleviate suffering of all types. He’s also spent years training with Ayahuasceros. Yochanan educates on how to connect with the intelligent essences of plants.

Dr. Jeffery Tarrant – BOA Member
Director Neuromeditation Institute and Lead Minister at Peyote Looking Glass Church, (established under pre-European contact law), OR

Having worked as a Psychologist for the past 20 years I have seen firsthand how people from all walks of life have been helped with the appropriate use of plant medicines. ECFES is on the cutting-edge of collecting and disseminating accurate and timely information about these medicines and I am honored to join in this mission. While research is clearly showing the positive impact these plants and fungi can have on mental health, this information is not widely known. If natural medicines are to become more accessible and accepted, it is critically important that education and training is available. Dr. Tarrant specializes in the intersection of ethnobotanicals and EEG feedback, as well as other scientific modalities to investigate claims of health efficacy in a reasoned, rational approach to studies.

James Franzo, BA – Founder/Director

A 20-year journey of self-education (using what has now become a large part of the lending library we operate) inspired James to launch ECFES. Additionally, gaining experience working in the field of chemical dependency treatment and social services contributed further to his disenfranchisement with current policy and treatment modalities, and attracted him further to evidence-based approaches to drug policy reform and the mental health field in general. Specifically, potent ethnobotanical plants and mind/body methodologies for integrating them. James is also an honorably discharged military veteran, who served for six years. James has been the website content developer @ ECFES, library archivist, team builder, and steward of the original vision for ECFES, an ethnobotanical/psychedelic/entheogenic healing center under one roof.

Charleen Justice (She/Her/Hers) – BOD Member
Executive Assistant – Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Charleen earned her B.S. in Planning, Public Policy, and Management with a minor in Leadership and Administrative Skills from the University of Oregon, where she served as chapter leader for UO Students for Sensible Drug Policy. As a native Oregonian with the bona-fide spirit of trailblazer, she works diligently to break the cycles of addiction and incarceration set forth by the generations who preceded her. Healing intergenerational trauma and supporting others to do the same, while pushing for policy to create systemic change is a passion of hers. The majority of her time outside of work and advocacy is dedicated to adventuring, building community, crafting/creating, collaborating, learning, family/friends, fostering healing, promoting awareness, strengthening connections, and volunteering.

Dr. Vip Short – Co-Founder/BOD Member
Private Practice in Chiropractic/Classical Homeopathy

A social program dedicated to helping heal the wounds of syndromes like PTSD, GAD, chronic migrainous and somatic pain disorders needs to be grounded in a set of virtues, or morally right operational guidelines; these should be taught to both therapist and experiencer. If we can remain disciplined about these principles, a good body of work can emerge and we will be able to help a lot of people who otherwise may have gotten lost. The visionary path is seldom an easy one. Those who choose it are, I feel, signaling their impatience with the usual pace of revelation. Which is OK! I value and applaud the visionary approach, and I am hoping that as we evolve it, we [at the Edelic Center for Ethnobotanical Services] will preserve the compassionate features that keep it human and healing. Dr. Short brings 40+ years of study and experience in the field of ethnobotanicals to ECFES.

Dr. David Bove – BOD Member
Program Director of Chrysalis Behavioral Health

Dr. David Bove has a focus on acupuncture and chemical dependency/addictions services) in Eugene, OR. Chrysalis is fully licensed by the State of Oregon and provides DUII services that meet the State requirements. Chrysalis provides services to clients and anyone who has an alcohol and/or drug problem. Dr. Bove provides a pathway towards future referrals to ECFES from within the treatment provider community. He brings decades of experience as a treatment provider in Eugene to ECFES.

Michael ‘Coyote’ Connelly – BOA Member
Former University of Oregon Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAAP) Psychedelic Module Instructor


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