She claimed to have found relief from her symptoms of depression with use of the herb Salvia divinorum. A HAM-D score of 2 confirmed remission of her symptoms of depression at this time. She claimed maintained its antidepressant effects even after she abstained from using it for up to a week.


  • A member of the mint family.
  • With a square stem.
  • Frequently pollinated by hummingbirds.
  • Very limited application.


Salvinorin A has a potent antinociceptive (blocking the detection of a painful or injurious stimulus by sensory neurons) effect when is administered centrally in the IC. – Read More

Salvia divinorum represents a novel source of bioactive molecules some of which have been shown to have utility as anti-addiction therapeutics. – Read More

This present study provides evidence for the first time of an anxiolytic/antidepressant effect of salvinorin A in rats, which probably could explain some of the subjective symptoms as laughter, happiness, well-being reported by researchers. – Read More

Evidence for the cognitive-enhancing and protective effects of Salvia plants exists. In vitro, animal and preliminary human studies have supported the evidence of Salvia plants to enhance cognitive skills and guard against neurodegenerative disorders. – Read More