Love… romance [long-term relationships]

“Our point is that trauma falls on a spectrum and relationships themselves can be traumatic,” he explains. “What causes a lot of relationships to break down over time is traumatic or semi-traumatic events that take place either inside or outside the relationship. People start to close down and stop sharing with their partners. Insofar as…


Australia could be the first country to legalise…[MDMA]

…to see pharmaceutical-grade MDMA in a safe dose starting off being distributed through pharmacies… would want to see the pharmacies requiring proof of age of the person who wants to purchase the MDMA. Drug prohibition has failed. We’ve now got scores of former prime ministers, former presidents, and even serving prime ministers and presidents recognising…


Defending MDMA [sassafras] as a Treatment for PTSD

The hypothesized mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treat PTSD are not based on its producing euphoria, but rather on its capacity to make confronting trauma-related thoughts, feelings, and memories more tolerable during therapeutic processing with support of a co-therapy team.​ MDMA is a monoamine releaser, but unlike stimulants, it preferentially releases serotonin,…


‘MDMA’ study results promising for PTSD

…many officials and researchers now believe the mental health field is facing “a moment of great need” that’s prompted some rethinking. [MDMA now has been given FDA-approved “break-through” status] The shift in thinking is significant as not only did the federal government classify these drugs as having no acceptable medical uses and a high potential…