Scientists and veterans file lawsuit challenging DEA’s marijuana rescheduling denials

The Scottsdale Research Institute (SRI) filed suit… in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, asking for a review of DEA’s scheduling determinations in 2020, 2016 and 1992… they… argue that another statutory policy DEA says necessitates marijuana being strictly controlled is unconstitutional. In terms of valid therapeutic value, the agency (DEA) has said there…


We are harvesting the ayahuasca vine at an alarming rate

Gatherers, intermediaries, processors and exporters based in Iquitos, the capital of the Peruvian jungle, or in the indigenous communities near Pucallpa, the other major production center, are in agreement about the overexploitation of wild ayahuasca. …one of the first people who dedicated himself to the business of exporting ayahuasca, warns that if the extraction continues…


Psychedelics [& entheogens/ethnobotanicals] may relieve chronic pain via changes in brain neuroplasticity

…studies have shown that over time, acute pain transforms into chronic pain via neuroplasticity. 5-HT2A receptor activation by psychedelics may lead to rewiring in the brain + reduced inflammation = reduced nociception (the perception of a painful or injurious stimulus). Original Article (Psychedelic Science):Psychedelics may relieve chronic pain via changes in brain neuroplasticityArtwork Fair Use: Borsook…


[A] sacred-scientific, psychedelic future

Every human culture since prehistory has had experiences with mind-altering substances, which could be one of the earliest indicators of religious formation.  The Tassili n’Ajjer National Park in south-east Algeria is home to ancient rock art carvings (7,000 – 9,000 years old) that point to a lengthy, deep relationship between humans and psychedelic mushrooms. These…


Integration, rippling

The last steps — community and the environment, or the “world out there,” — are where integration often falls short. The ultimate step in the integration process involves putting our self into service. There is hard work to do here.  As wonderful it is to hear that people reached a state of absolute peace, it…