Why using psychedelics [and entheogens] requires vulnerability

Psychedelics have a way of unearthing deeply set feelings and, in particular, fears. We are so conditioned to avoid ‘negativity’ and uncomfortable feelings in daily life that it makes sense that we don’t always feel ready to plunge ourselves into the dark and murky waters of our psyches.

That’s why it pays to be ready when you commit to any kind of trip or healing ceremony. We can’t say for sure what we will see or feel, so we can’t promise ourselves that we are ready for it. Yet at the same time, when we know our own power and have the intention to remain courageous, we can at least be certain that we have the best chance of processing the lessons that these substances proffer. The people who say to us, “Oh, I could never do psychedelics” don’t often clarify why they feel that way. When probed, they might admit that they don’t like the idea of loss of control. That’s a fair point, because the ability to control a powerful psychedelic experience is minimal at best. Even the strongest minds can be shaken up in a big way… The truths we bring back from other realms can help us to see what is important. We put things into perspective for ourselves and others, and this can only be positive. Vulnerability is your friend, and you are among the bravest out there. We salute you.

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Why using psychedelics requires vulnerability
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