Here’s why LSD microdosing could be the next major breakthrough in mental healthcare

“We’ve been looking at half a dozen syndromes, and we’re hoping to find out who shouldn’t be microdosing as well as who should,” Fadiman told IFLScience. “For example, we’re finding some groups do not do well, predominantly people whose major symptom is anxiety.”

However, as the disastrous “War on Drugs” has taught us, banning a substance doesn’t stop people from using it, and microdosing has recently become a major fad in Silicon Valley, where technology whizzes and high-flying executives have been using it to increase their productivity. And with psychedelics banished from the laboratories yet widespread throughout society, Fadiman has now harnessed the power of citizen science to conduct the first scientific report on microdosing in half a century.

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Here’s Why LSD Microdosing Could Be The Next Major Breakthrough In Mental Healthcare
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