People who have taken psychedelics are more likely to be environmentally friendly

*Cascadia wildfires of Summer 2017

Psychologists from Yale University and the University of Innsbruck in Austria asked 1,487 people about their experience with psychedelics and other hallucinogens.

However, the relationship between taking psychedelics and being green is only a correlation and the eco-friendly behaviors in the study were all self-reported. This begs the question: Are people who have environmental concerns just more likely to be open to trying drugs? The researchers say this isn’t the case because people who are into environmental issues are not more likely to indulge in other drugs, whether it’s tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, or recreational illegal substances. There was also no hint that certain personality types are drawn towards both psychedelics and nature. The study did not look for a causation, yet it hinted “there is strong reason to believe that psychedelic substances increase nature relatedness as a function of their ego-dissolving effects.”

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People Who Have Taken Psychedelics Are More Likely To Be Environmentally Friendly
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