Are psilocybin mushrooms the next medical marijuana?

“If psilocybin were an approved medication, it would likely be prescribed for mood disorders such as depression, or depression related to a life-threatening illness,” Albert Garcia-Romeu, a research associate at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“There are legal medications for depression, anxiety, and for some addictions. However, these do not always work, and often come with unwanted side effects for those who do use them,” Garcia-Romeu says. “It’s also important to note that a major difference between psilocybin-assisted treatment and other medications is that psilocybin is usually only administered [one to three] times as part of a brief treatment and exhibits rapid-acting effects that can last months or longer. Antidepressant medications, for example, often need to be used daily over extended periods of time (months or longer) for sustained effects and may not work fast enough to help in extreme cases of depression.”

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Are magic mushrooms the next medical marijuana?
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