…[two-year-old] psychedelics start-up targets schizophrenia…

The two-year-old company [states it]… has been tested on 508 people across nine clinical trials… and it has also been tested on rats. Results of the clinical trials have not been published.

“RL-007”, previously called FSV7-007, has exhibited a modulating effect on three mechanisms that are central to learning and memory: the cholinergic, NMDA and GABA type B receptor systems. [Peter Thiel, major investor in the company, stated that on] “July of 1969 men reached the moon and three weeks later Woodstock began and with the benefit of hindsight we can say that that’s when progress ended and the hippies took over the country…”

Original Article (CNBC & Hoover Institute):
Peter Thiel-backed psychedelics start-up targets schizophrenia ahead of IPO
and Peter Thiel on “the straussian moment”
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…for macrodosing