Basic talking points : Oregon Psilocybin Society 2020 proposed ballot initiative

The Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon, a ballot initiative aimed at the 2020 election cycle, outlines a detailed regulatory framework and a supervised service modality involving licensed centers staffed by certified facilitators.

The Oregon initiative attempts to reflect evolving best practice standards in relation to safety and effectiveness as established by scientific research at top universities. The evidence suggests that this kind of approach might address some of the most problematic epidemics in Oregon, including depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and nicotine addiction — epidemics that take a human toll and also drag on the state economy.

For those who are 21 or older and pass a basic screening, psilocybin services might also be accessed for personal development, as the same modality has been shown to enhance a general sense of well-being, openness and creativity, and spiritual connectedness.

​The program will fall under the Oregon Health Authority. After a year of consultation with the Legislative Counsel in Salem, the language of the Initiative is in it’s final phase of development. Starting in July of 2018, the campaign will begin gathering over 100,000 petition signatures to put the measure on the 2020 ballot.

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Basic Talking Points Oregon Psilocybin Society 2020 Proposed Ballot Initiative
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