It’s time to integrate psychedelics into therapy

Research on psilocybin is proving effective for those in hospice care … those facing their final days were comforted by their experiences on psilocybin. They underwent the same loosening of identity, which made them feel an integral part of a larger community, not an isolated island about to sink. This profound effect can do wonders for anyone at any stage of life.

…even though prescriptions for anti-depressants are rising, so is the number of depressed people. That’s not a winning formula. Psychedelics have long been used in rituals. Slater believes we should continue this practice. Psychedelics have a long, in some cases ancient, track record. Shamans were tribal psychologists long before couches were used; their transformational tools involved the plants around them. In making its decision, the US government was wrong: these are not addictive substances. Yet they are potent. Given the mess our health care system is in, we need to integrate substances such as psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, ecstasy, ayahuasca, and cannabis into our toolbox, provided they stand up to clinical scrutiny.

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It’s time to integrate psychedelics into therapy
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