Schizophrenia in an evolutionary perspective

One that would, in varying degrees, apply to any behavioral condition – casting the debate in the form of a nature/ nurture argument trivializes it into barrenness at best, and into counterproductivity at worst… it is often said that schizophrenia occurs at a frequency of about 1 percent worldwide…

…suggests that schizophrenia poses an interesting evolutionary problem—a fact first recognized by Huxley, Mayr, Osmond, and Hoffer… evolutionary biology may therefore provide one approach to solving some aspects… While it would be misleading to state that the evolutionary perspective has never been applied in the study of schizophrenia, it is fair to say that it has had little or no influence on the conventional thinking about schizophrenia.

Original Article (Johns Hopkins University Press):
Perspectives in biology and medicine: schizophrenia in an evolutionary perspective
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