Developing integration of visionary experiences…

Usually, after intense experiences in expanded states, each of us does (or doesn’t do) our own integration. The experience remains in our memory, and when we reflect on it, there is usually a certain echo of what was experienced. These memories can be brought up in certain situations or circumstances. One can feel how that experience has had an impact on our life and how it has influenced our being.

After decades of psychedelic self-experimentation, psychonauts and therapists have realized that, while positive psychedelic experiences can bring benefits and improve our lives, it is possible, and even likely, that positive results will fade over time. It seems that something must be done after the experience to maintain the benefits, and for those benefits to impact our daily lives and our relationships. Now, integration is understood as the work that needs to take place after the experience to ground the outcomes, to maximize the benefits, and to incorporate the things we learned from the session into our day-to-day lives.

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‘Developing integration of visionary experiences : A future without integration
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