Psychedelic psychotherapy is coming: who will be included?

The psychedelic train is pulling out of the station, and people are giddy with excitement, waving as the train beings to move … Black and brown people [& a surprisingly large number of whites] including the elderly, young people, veterans, and the disabled are left standing on the platform as the train chugs away.

Understanding the indigenous roots of psychedelic medicine within the historical origins of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is an crucial reference point … the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for medicinal purposes is neither novel nor modern, and actually dates back thousands of years to the spiritual practices of indigenous communities all over the world. For many indigenous people, psychedelic use is considered a both a sacred and healing act… entails psychoactive rituals that bring humans closer to the spiritual world, in an effort to treat both physical, psychological, and spiritual ills. 

Original Article (Psychology Today):
Psychedelic Psychotherapy Is Coming: Who Will Be Included?
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