Can psilocybin make people feel more empathy to nature?

Therefore, in the context of the ideals, values, and constructs of the time we are presently living in, it would be useful to frame the imminent threat to our planet’s natural ecology and to humankind, radically, as something along the lines of an “anti-nature personality disorder,” medically sanctioning judgment on individual or group behavior that pathologically threatens the fundamental rights of other humans and other species to a clean, healthy, sustainable environment.

We are now at a time in Earth’s history where the conservation of our shared, collective, natural resources and ecology, and the massive negative impact human beings are having on our planet in the form of natural resource extraction, air and water pollution, land development, unsustainable agriculture, species extinction and climate change, supersede in importance all other concerns on a macro level, out of consideration for the long-term habitability of our planet and the health of human beings. 

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Can psilocybin make people feel more empathy to nature?
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