Arguments in support of the proposed legislation : Oregon Psilocybin Society 2020 proposed ballot initiative

The Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon, a ballot initiative aimed at the 2020 election cycle, outlines a detailed regulatory framework and a supervised service modality involving licensed centers staffed by certified facilitators.

Arguments in Support of the Proposed Legislation:

Safety arguments:

“While the effects on consciousness are huge, Psilocybin is non-toxic and non-addictive. It’s less harmful to a healthy human body than alcohol or even the caffeine in your coffee.” (

“No subject who has participated in an FDA approved psilocybin clinical trial has suffered a lasting negative impact, either physically or psychologically.”

The “Clinical Outcomes” argument:

“FDA approved research at top universities like Johns Hopkins, UCLA, NYU, and the Imperial College of London have shown that closely monitored psilocybin services safely and effectively address treatment-resistant depression, cancer-related anxiety, OCD, and addictions – including alcoholism and cigarette smoking – often in only one or two doses.”

The “Expand Research” argument:

Scientific research into psilocybin is made incredibly difficult because, despite the evidence, psilocybin is still listed by the DEA as a Schedule 1 drug. By creating legally accessible services in Oregon, we can open the floodgates of research. Oregon, and its institutes of higher learning, could lead the world in the emerging field of psychedelic science.

Clinical / emotional argument:

“People are suffering who are currently denied access to this safe and effective treatment.”

The “Oregon epidemic” argument:

“Oregon has the worst mental illness rate in the country. Depression and addictions not only take a terrible human toll, but also represent the two biggest drags on our state economy. When considering missed work, disability, treatment, and other expenses, the drug and alcohol issue alone costs the state billions annually. Oregon can turn this around by taking the lead on psilocybin.” (Stats via the Oregon Health Authority)

The “Personal Growth” argument:
“The research shows that psilocybin sessions enhance a general sense of well-being, openness and creativity, eco-mindedness, and spiritual connectedness.”

The “Alternative to Big Pharma” argument:

“Psilocybin, which is off-patent, works because of the astonishing experience it opens up, not because a “drug” stays in the bloodstream day after day. Lasting results are often achieved after one or two sessions. For some, a psilocybin intervention might eliminate the need for daily dosing of psych meds.”

The “Social Awakening” argument:

“As Terence McKenna said, ‘Our world is in crisis due to the absence of consciousness.’ Legalizing this safe and effective service modality would represent something very new in America. It is time that we value the inward journey. It is time that we embrace, rather than stigmatize, the exploration of consciousness.”

The “Cognitive Liberty” argument:

“The psilocybin service modality, which includes careful assessment and monitoring within a supportive environment, essentially eliminates all risks to self and the public – so why exactly would it not be our right to safely explore our own consciousness how we see fit?

“In a free and open society, everybody should be free to follow their own conscience and be in control of the contents of their minds, as long as they do no harm to others.” (

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