Medical Doctor (MD) : a history of psychedelics in psychiatry

In many ways psychiatry – biologic psychiatry or pharmacologic psychiatry – started with psychedelics.

There were 2 studies done (on psilocybin). They were both randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies where people were blindly given either an active psilocybin or different placebos, but each study had a placebo. They got one treatment, and then they were followed for about a month and a half, and then they did what’s called a crossover. So the people who got psilocybin got placebo and vice versa, and then they followed them for another 6 months. The results were amazing. One treatment just completely reduced depression and anxiety scores. They took people from very clinical to being in remission. No other treatment, and 6 months later, you know, people are 60-70% are in complete remission from a single treatment.

Original Article (Webmd):
Charles L Raison, MD: a history of psychedelics in psychiatry
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