What does it feel like to take MDMA?

The comedown, however, also offers an excellent opportunity to examine and reaffirm relationships, to discuss and explore feelings that may have come up during the trip, and to reflect on yourself and your joy.

One issue that has come up for both myself and friends, though, is a feeling of insecurity. You might suddenly feel awkward or self-conscious about things you said or did during the trip. Or, you may feel disappointed that your social freedom has gone, as you think about the monotonous, fake drudgery of reality to which you will inevitably return. Following the disappearance of that sense of intense social connectedness while on MDMA, all the rules of the everyday, conventional milieu return. One of the beautiful lessons that MDMA makes crystal clear is the value of sharing and having company. MDMA has a way of showing you that focusing only on yourself only breeds obsession and anxiety while sharing in the happiness and well-being of others does the opposite.

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What does it feel like to take MDMA?
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