[Psilocybe mushroom]… love and fear

“The opportunity there is for patients to consolidate aspects of themselves or their lives that have been repressed,” says Liknaitzky [co-coordinator of the St Vincent’s psilocybin terminal-illness trial], “to gain new and helpful perspectives on old problems, and to feel, emotionally, a much stronger alignment with their values and what’s important in life — and to be motivated to act in accordance with [those] values.”

…any discussion of the potential benefits of psychedelic drugs in treating mental illness takes as its baseline the shortcomings of existing pharmacological models. The 2020 Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Mental Health estimates the economic costs of mental illness and suicide at up to $70 billion per year in Australia, plus another $150 billion or so in reduced health and life expectancy. The most common drug treatment for depression, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, has been shown to help only about half of patients, with high relapse rates after discontinuing and no major breakthroughs in more than thirty years.

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Love and fear
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