…psychedelics heal without psychotherapy…

Therapists are a welcome and complementary addition to the psychedelic community. For many, they may deepen insights and support difficult emotions that arise in psychedelic healing processes. However, they should not attempt to assert themselves as the only conduit for psychedelic healing and/or gatekeepers of psychedelics in our society.

Some have even suggested it unethical for those that are not licensed therapists to be involved in facilitating psychedelic use, especially when there is a user intention of healing. This narrative seems to largely be driven by therapists and others with licenses to perform psychotherapy involved in medical legalization efforts of psychedelics, namely those involved in the emerging modality of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP). It’s worrisome because it threatens cognitive liberty… So far, the niche of psychedelic drug-taking that regularly involves therapists is psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP), which has primarily been centered on MDMA and [synthetic] psilocybin during the psychedelic “renaissance”. However, the totality of the evidence suggests that psychedelics are driving the healing bus rather than the psychotherapist.

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Can psychedelics heal with psychotherapy?
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