Love… romance [long-term relationships]

“Our point is that trauma falls on a spectrum and relationships themselves can be traumatic,” he explains. “What causes a lot of relationships to break down over time is traumatic or semi-traumatic events that take place either inside or outside the relationship.

People start to close down and stop sharing with their partners. Insofar as love requires a certain kind of intimacy, the defence mechanism and the kneejerk fear responses that we build up around talking about certain issues with our partners are the very things that this drug directly enables us to overcome.” As may be gathered from that response, Earp is not interested in bringing biomedical enhancement to first dates, for reasons of what he terms “authenticity”. He wants to focus on those who have already passed that initial chemistry test and whose love has subsequently become worn and torn by the everyday rigours of life.

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Love as a drug: can romance be medically prescribed?
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