How… [psilocybe]

If… nervous about using shrooms… [some suggest]… 1 gram dried. Ingesting this amount will feel mostly like a new kind of buzz that simply lasts a long time.

Up to around 1.5 grams will feel like an even stronger buzz, but with [likely] no perceptible change in your vision or hearing or in how well you speak and follow normal conversation. Exceeding 1.5 grams will likely cause you to think and speak differently. People who take between 2.5 and 3.5 grams report perceptible visual effects (seeing faint geometric patterns where there are none, for instance) and a very active, stream-of-consciousness mental state. The “heroic dose” popularized by psychonaut Terence McKenna is 5 grams. People who have taken this amount say the trip is very psychologically taxing but also provides the longest-lasting increase in emotional well-being. (Clinical trials do not use dried mushrooms, but the largest doses of psilocybin they administer are roughly in this range.)

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How to take shrooms
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…for macrodosing