Behind… Denver’s journey into… (mushroom) thinking

To be clear, shrooms will not be fully legal here. They will be treated the way marijuana was in Denver after decriminalization in 2005: city cops’ and the district attorney’s “lowest law enforcement priority.”

The new ordnance specifies that no city funds are to be used to jail, arrest or even ticket someone for possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms — if the person is over 21 and says the shrooms are for personal use. The initiative also creates a review panel to study the impact of decriminalization. The panel includes shroom advocates,City Council members, Denver residents, an addiction counselor and police officers. Decriminalize Denver is trying to get ahead of potential bad publicity by mounting a public-information campaign, a sort of Psilocybin 101 — how much to dose, how and when it’s best to trip, warning against driving while tripping, and cautioning to keep shrooms away from children.

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Behind the Mile High City’s journey into magical (mushroom) thinking
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