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In 2016, the… legal clash between the LPs and patient collectives ended in a victory for Canadian patients. Namely that the right of home grow in Canada was challenged in court. Patients (at least in Canada) won the day...

That said, the same could not be said of Germany. Indeed, the same month that Canadian patients successfully defended their right to grow, the first legal shipment of Canadian… [grown] showed up in Germany. And in Germany, the right of home grow was indeed taken away from patients just over 9 months later in 2017 with the passage of the new law mandating health insurers cover the cost of the drug… that, so far at least, has created a system where some patients can obtain their[s]… with reimbursement—but most still cannot. The current denial rate for patients by health insurers is 40%. Illicit home grow is in fact, for this reason alone, widespread aus Deutschland, even if the authorities are largely overlooking it. And for obvious reasons. Real patients will get off in court (even if this is a challenging and tedious if not expensive process). Even more especially as right next door across EU borders, legal home grow has also started to show up in several European countries, including Italy… allowing patients to grow their own is an inevitability.

Original Article (High Times):
Home grow in Canada: too much of a good thing?
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