Low-income… patients await Governor’s signature on compassion bill

The vote was unanimous in both houses… doubts any[one] who voted in favor of legalization realized they would be creating roadblocks to access to medicine for sick, low-income people.

After California legalized adult-use cannabis in 2016, new regulations and taxes put a squeeze on the compassionate cannabis programs that had legally given out medical pot for free since 1996. “We don’t know what the Governor will do, but we are making a strong case to him that SB 34 is critical to ensure people can continue to access their medicine,” the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Scott Weiner, [said]. “Without a tax exemption, compassion programs will continue to shut down, and low-income people will either not get their medicine or be forced onto the illicit market. We need to ensure access.”

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Low-Income Cannabis Patients Await CA Governor’s Signature on Compassion Bill
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