Magic mushroom treatment improves emotional face recognition in depressed patients

The study of 17 patients with treatment-resistant depression found that psilocybin treatment with psychological support was associated with better recognition of emotional faces. Patients who received the treatment were better able to categorizes faces expressing happiness, neutrality, sadness, anger, disgust, or fear. The study also included a control group of 16 participants who did not receive psilocybin treatment and showed no improvement.

“Prior to treatment with psilocybin, depressed patients in this trial were shown to have a global deficit in processing emotional faces as compared with healthy controls, as reflected in longer reaction times to identify all emotion types,” the researchers explained in their study. “We observed a reaction time improvement post-treatment for all emotion types in depressed patients.” The researchers also observed improvements in anhedonia scores after psilocybin treatment, which was associated with better recognition of emotional faces.

Original Article (Psypost): Cognition in depressed patients
Artwork Fair Use by: By domdomegg [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons


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