The couples using magic mushrooms as relationship therapy

Hilda Burke, a London-based psychotherapist and couples counselor, says the common thread between couples seeking therapy is that they’ve lost the ability to communicate with each other. “They’ve become so polarized that they can’t really go over to the other person’s island and see how it is from their perspective.”

Dr. Ros Watts is a clinical psychologist at Imperial College London who guided patients through a trip for a recent trial looking at the effects of magic mushrooms on depression. “People develop ways of avoiding certain thoughts and feelings, but during the dose our patients would be completely flooded by them” she says. “This was overwhelming and sometimes scary, but it also gave them an opportunity to work through these feelings and confront them.” Over half the patients in the trial experienced significant improvements in their depression through changes to how they connected with others and how they processed their own emotions. “One of the two key themes was that of going from disconnection to connection with others and the world around them,” Dr. Watts explains. “The other was about going from avoiding emotion, to accepting it.”

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The Couples Using Magic Mushrooms as Relationship Therapy
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