Kratom: The leafy green plant that could help with opiate withdrawals

One of the many individuals using Kratom is Barbara. Before she was constrained to hospitalization, Barbara was a nurse who, herself, visited patients. She loved her job, but a life-changing diagnosis put all of that on hold … skeptical of the information put out by the FDA regarding Kratom … Barbara [and many, if not most], are rarely reporting any side effects and are themselves trying to kick FDA approved narcotics.

“Four years ago, I was diagnosed with spinal arthritis-sciatica – a bunch of degenerative diseases that left me unable to walk. Pretty much I was in bed for a whole year. It was excruciating. It left me unable to work. I couldn’t function,” she said. Barbara was prescribed a bevy of prescription pills to help ease the pain. Her tolerance went up and eventually doctors told her she would need to stop using the drugs. Then came the withdrawals. “It had me in the corner going up crying – it was horrible, horrible.” Desperate for a remedy, Barbara turned to Kratom. “It’s a miracle. It saved my life. It changed my life,” she said.

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Kratom the leafy green plant that could help with opiate withdrawals
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