Mushrooms, hallucinogens & LSD making a comeback in… microdoses

“These plant medicines are straight from the earth and they are there to help you. After a few months of microdosing, you feel better. There are times when they help me with mental stimulation, memory and awareness. It’s a healthy way to stay tuned in.”

“LSD is similar to cutting out dairy or meat, how can I safely experiment on myself while becoming a healthier person.”…”In L.A., so many people are sucking on weed vape pens all day or on Adderall. Microdosing psychedelics is totally different. They expand the way your brain processes and your heart, too.”

Original Article (Billboard Magazine):
Mushrooms, Hallucinogens & LSD Making a Comeback in… Microdoses
Artwork Fair Use: Isaiah Maghanga


Home grow…


…for macrodosing

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