Thousands protest deadly drug war in the Philippines

“It’s not about the numbers, because the policy continues,” Pabillo told reporters. “If we are not vigilant, it’s possible that the killings will escalate. So we should not ignore this.” The death toll in the drug war already surpassed 20,000 in the first 20 months of the Duterte presidency, according to an opposition senator. Original…


Public health – ibogaine treatment study program

Establishing the Ibogaine Treatment Study Program in the Maryland Department of Health. Providing for the purpose of the Program; requiring the Department, on or before July 1, 2019, to select a certain number of academic medical centers to participate in the Program; requiring the Governor to include in the annual budget for fiscal years 2020…

Modern Culture

Psilocybin mushroom push in Denver gains momentum

Magic mushrooms are inching closer to the ballot in Denver, Colorado. Five advocates there, sponsoring a ballot initiative that would allow Denverites to vote this November on it, want to make mushrooms about as legal as cannabis and alcohol. And they’re succeeding. ​”I’m like 99 percent sure it’s going to be on the ballot,” says…