Cannabis sales set to surpass alcohol profits after Canada legalises it next year

“Canada is set to legalise cannabis next year – sparking a multi-billion dollar industry that will overtake alcohol sales, a new study suggests.” The decision could kick-start the economy and eclipse the combined sales of beer, wine and spirits, according to the report from consulting firm Deloitte. The report, titled Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities,…


The DEA’s contrived Kratom crisis

“Patterson, the DEA spokesman, said the reaction to the ban “was eye-opening for me personally.” He added that “I want the kratom community to know that the DEA does hear them.”  The DEA describes all kratom use as “abuse.” It was therefore easy for the agency to conclude that the plant has “a high potential…


Seeing opportunity in psychedelic drugs

New research into LSD and psilocybin makes a powerful argument against prohibition. ‘This study assures us that there were not widespread “acid casualties in the 1960s,” Charles Grob, a pediatric psychiatrist at UCLA, told Nature.’ Over 30 million U.S. adults have tried psychedelics and there just is not much evidence of health problems,” the author…


An uncanny mixture: god, alcohol and even cannabis

“On a farm in Merced, California, nuns from the Sisters of the Valley, show their devotion to healing through medicinal products made from their own marijuana crop.” Sister Kate Meeusen founded the non-aligned religious order in 2015. While dressed in Catholic habits, the group’s spiritual practices are derived from what they call “ancient wisdom”. “We…


LSD now: How the psychedelic renaissance changed acid

“Nonetheless, psychedelics – including acid – have unquestionably returned to the American mainstream. One study suggests that Google searches for LSD nearly doubled between 2012 and 2014, and the amount of activity around the world – including the organization of a worldwide psychedelic community – suggests an almost undeniable psychedelic uptick.”  The growing acceptance has…


DEA Kratom ban delayed indefinitely

“While the DEA originally considered the herbal supplement a public health threat, the decision to delay the ban could possibly lead to a complete reversal of the agency’s stance. ” “If the DEA gets its way, more people who struggle with addiction will be criminalized,” according to a statement by Jag Davies, director of communications…


Kratom vs. Opiates

“Kratom a legally obtainable herbal medicine, is getting bad rep by the media. It is not uncommon for it to be described as the latest “street drug“ – addictive, destructive and dangerous. Sometimes it is compared to opiates like heroine or morphine – yet they are nothing alike, and all such claims are completely unfounded.”…

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