We spoke to a BC researcher who wants to license psychedelic trip sitters

“…a bold plan not only for licensed trip sitters and shamans, but goes so far as to imagine tax collection from the sale of mushrooms and MDMA, sold in plain packaging.”

Anyone who’s ever been walked back from an acid-induced existential cliff can appreciate the benefit of someone who knows what to do when you’re having a bad trip….the four options really are: a for-profit running it, a not-for-profit running it or the government running it, and so we looked at all of those and thought no: it needs to have some kind of government level of authority but it needs to be hands-off, at arm’s length from government so that it can have a stable mandate and vision. The idea that we proposed was to have a commission responsible for all currently illegal drugs. There would be essentially public health folks at the top—people who really understood that that was the vision that needed to be implemented—but then there’s different streams. There would a cocaine stream, a smokeable/injectable stimulant stream, a heroin stream, a cannabis stream, and then a psychedelic stream. So within the psychedelic stream you would have some content subject matter experts. Some people who have experience with psychedelic psychotherapy. You would have some Aboriginal groups to acknowledge that psychedelics have been used by Aboriginal groups for centuries. So maybe the peyote folks would be in there. You’d have an ayahuasca person. So you’d have the cross-cultural wisdom sitting at the table…. These people have been doing it for a long, long time and they need to be at the table, and the language that we used is that we would grandfather them into the process. Yes, they would be sitting at the table with us in this process, it wouldn’t just be all old guys with suits who are old psychologists. No, it would be mixture of people who represent the diversity of people who are involved today and bring their wisdom to this process.

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We spoke to a BC researcher who want to license psychedelic trip sitters
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