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On psychedelics, humanism appears to outdo itself: It overcomes its anthropocentrism and nurtures a general love of sentient beings… the magnanimity of psychedelic humanism [may]… do no harm to our exceptional place in the biological world: We will be the one and only animal that cares about all other animals and maybe even plants. A spiritual variant of biotechnology [a “new” ancient entheogenic “variant” of itself] promises to gentle both humans and humanism…

Long before the birth of the Internet… Aldous Huxley… harbored doubts [which he attempted to ameliorate with his book Island, in contrast to Brave New World] about the power of humanism to successfully domesticate Homo sapiens and pave the way for a more human future of humankind. The response… Huxley’s… was not to embrace… inhumanities but to achieve a more radical domestication of human beings by redirecting their attention from a radiant future of humanity to the eternal present of the divine within. Psychedelics could provide easy access to such experience of timelessness, Huxley contended. By freeing people from a historical consciousness consumed by yesterday’s grievances and the fight for a better tomorrow, they would allow them to look at human affairs in relation to eternity… Today, as self-identified psychedelic humanists come into the legacy of the studia humanitatis, they must reconceive what it means for human beings to be animals under the influence. These… educators still have to separate influences that domesticate from influences that bestialize (supposedly, there are good pharmacological reasons why nobody propagates alcoholic or cocaine humanism).

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Should psychedelic humanities promote psychedelic humanism?
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