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Dave Miller: “Yeah, that’s what I’m curious about looking back now, what does this tell you about the way our country treats pharmaceutically made chemicals that act in our bodies and plants that act on our bodies?” Michael Pollan: “I think what’s going on in Oregon is a very important experiment for the country. We had the fires, we had the pandemic. We were trapped in our houses… Yes, tear gas. That’s right. It was a really hard summer and we couldn’t travel… it isn’t clear how the business model for psychedelic therapy, it’s very much up in the air. So I think we’re gonna learn a lot from Oregon. But… it’s not gonna be available to everyone.“

…up against formidable challenges right now in Oregon,” said Dr. Todd Korthuis, the head of addiction medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. “Not only do we have increases in methamphetamine use, but we have rapidly spiking increases in the number of fentanyl overdoses. And it’s going to require an all-hands-on-deck approach to really tackle all of these issues at once – with multiple different approaches.” Oregon State Hospital… has 546 psychiatric beds between its hospitals in Salem and Junction City. [In 2021], the per-patient daily cost of care there was $1,447, with Oregon taxpayers footing most of the bill. The state health authority director, Pat Allen, has called it the “world’s most expensive homeless shelter.”

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Meth has changed, and it’s sabotaging Oregon’s mental health system & Michael Pollan on his latest book, ‘This is your mind on plants’
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