The future of coffee looks psychedelic 

Since both Wunderground and Puff Coffee are based in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR respectively… both cities have decriminalized entheogens (aka psychedelics)… the reason they feel confident in this shroom experiment… a psilocybin-infused coffee made in collaboration with Puff Coffee, the new coffee venture of Stumptown Coffee…

“As a country, we witnessed OxyContin being approved by the FDA to help with pain and look at the insanity that created,” Wunderground founder Jody Hall said over the phone. “Meanwhile, we have something like psilocybin mushrooms that grow during certain times of the year and have all this benefit. So we’re making a stand. We think [psilocybin] should be decriminalized, it should be used for therapeutic treatments and, potentially, recreationally down the road.”

Original Article (Democrat Herald):
The future of coffee looks psychedelic 
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