Trump budget doubles down on the drug war

*cold clarity (Presidential pardon recipient, Joe Arpaio, infamous “Tent City” prison  leader.  One prior prisoner there wrote…

It demonstrates President Trump’s priorities with cold clarity.

“There’s evil in the world that’s unrepentant, and I’ve experienced it firsthand. Arpaio being pardoned is a nightmare come true. Although politicians like [the current President] and Arpaio are trying to divide us, this is the time for our community to come together and keep fighting for those whose voices go unheard and kept in the dark. Hope for a better future is what helped me survive the agonizing time I spent in those horrendous facilities, and hope will lead us into a better future for America.” – Former Prisoner in “Tent City”

Original Article (Alternet & Washington Post):
Trump Budget Doubles Down on the Drug War & I Spent a Year in Joe Arpaios Tent Jail
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