Compass raises $80M to take [synthetic psilocybin] drug toward phase 3

The London-based biotech is advancing the drug, [one of the many] active ingredient[s] in magic mushroomsCompass has partnered with academic centers, primarily in the U.S.

…is advancing the clinical program while also working on earlier-stage projects. The biotech… focuse[s] on psilocybin therapy in the belief it could leverage existing knowledge of the drug to quickly get a new product to patients with treatment-resistant depression. Yet, Wilde sees the company as “relatively treatment agnostic.”… “While psilocybin is a great starting point… we think that based on the learnings that we have generated in our preclinical and mechanistic work we will be able to develop even better medications.”

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Compass raises $80M to take magic mushroom drug toward phase 3
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