…psychedelic gold…

That medical science has made these recent clinical breakthroughs doesn’t seem to matter where the law is concerned; the legitimacy lent by these scientific findings are not reflected in the current legal and enforcement landscape. Many psychedelics remain categorized under Schedule I of the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act, meaning that, among other supposed dangers, they possess “no currently accepted medical use.”

The matter of whether early investors and big-name players stand to profit from the renewed interest in psychedelic drugs is foregone. They are already profiting… a whole class of geniuses and wild eccentrics remain largely unknown, their lives and work shrouded by a secrecy and surreptitiousness that, while necessary given the current status of drug laws, feels nonetheless unfair, and a little old-fashioned… decriminalizing [and expunging will] not only erase records… but help relax the lingering stigma around their work, both past and present. Decriminalization offers an opportunity to ease tensions… equity, togetherness… isn’t that what the future of psychedelics… should be about?

Original Article (The New Republic):
The outlaw chemists who deserve a cut of the psychedelic gold rush
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