Psychedelic drug use in United States as common now as in 1960s generation

“About 32 million Americans have used any psychedelic drugs at least once in their lifetimes— about 17 percent of all American adults between the ages of 21 and 64.”

Lifetime psychedelic drug use among baby boomers aged 50 to 64 was on par with that of younger adults aged 21 to 25, about 15 percent. The highest rate was among adults aged 30 to 34- over 20 percent. Adults over the age of 65 largely missed the advent of psychedelic drugs in popular culture, since only 1 percent reported using them. Archaeological evidence shows that psychedelic plants have been used in the Americas for over 5000 years, and currently around 300,000 people in the US enjoy a recognized religious freedom right to use psychedelics.

Original Article (Medical Daily):
Psychedelic drug use in United States as commons now as in 1960s generation
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