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“People are using it either to manage or withdrawal from harder, harsher stuff, or they’re kind of starting their journey and developing an unhealthy relationship with it based on its effects – and its effects are opioid-like effects,” said Dr. Patrick Marshalek, an associate professor at West Virginia University’s School of Medicine. 

“I’ve spent about $50,000 since January on these… the withdrawal, I can honestly say, is the absolute worst experience of my life,” Barnett [said]… had just come off a 10-day detox that was more difficult than when he came off opioids like oxycodone, fentanyl, and buprenorphine. He said he experienced nausea, sweats, vomiting, fever, body pain, and relentless chills.

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‘Gas station heroin’ is causing intense withdrawals. It’s legal in most states.
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