We asked… [about ensuring pre-cautions and a safe set and setting]

For most people, however, psychedelics are “magnifiers of the environment that you’re in”, Warner says. “[So] if you’re in an environment that makes you feel anxious or alone, that might be magnified”.

Melissa Warner, co-founder of The Australian Psychedelic Society and a board member of PRISM… is very aware of the blurry line between recreational and therapeutic usage. Psychedelics, she says, don’t provide “an escape” from your mental health issues. “I think there’s a risk [when] people perceive them to be a bit of a distraction or a bit of fun, and they then have a much more complicated situation on their hands.” Dr. Ben Sessa, MD does believe psychedelics are “perfectly safe” when “taken in a safe and judicious manner”, but says anyone consuming them “without the adequate preparation, and then the adequate integration afterwards” risks “really knocking themselves sideways”… [some] require “integration work” because they have “gone along to some retreat in Peru or wherever, and they’ve had this drug experience and they’ve … not been given any support afterwards.”

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We asked experts how risky it is to self-medicate with mushrooms
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