…psychedelic drugs found in nature… private property

“The rule is if something already belongs to the public, you can’t take it away from them,” Gretchen Temeles, special counsel at the Philadelphia law firm… said in an interview.

But Compass has also highlighted the threat from nonprofits like the Usona Institute, which does its own research on psychedelics. The IPO filing warned that nonprofits like Usona “may be willing to provide psilocybin-based products at cost or for free, undermining our potential market for COMP360.” Usona didn’t respond to a request for an interview… “If we have patents or patents pending, we will license that intellectual property, for no more than reasonable and ordinary administrative costs, to anyone who will use it for the common good and in alignment with these principles,” Usona says in a statement on “open science.” That statement was signed by dozens of people, from Usona, MAPS and other researchers and advocates… after challenges to or rejections of prior applications, Compass said it received a U.S. patent for COMP360. Shortly after, the law firm Kohn & Associates disputed the patent…

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How psychedelic drugs found in nature… private property
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