…DEA pick spoke against marijuana decriminalization, but [some say] she’ll end ‘drug war policies’

It’s not clear if the Department of Justice will issue a new cannabis prosecution guidance memo under… [new head of DEA, Anne Milgram, former Attorney General of New Jersey]… she has publicly stated her opposition to even modest reforms such as state-level efforts to simply decriminalize marijuana [in the past]…

William Barr, maintained that Congress should take steps to resolve the state-federal marijuana policy conflict. But he did not make any definitive statements about the need to shift gears administratively, nor did he issue any formal guidance to replace the Cole memo… Barr did allegedly direct the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division to carry out investigations into 10 marijuana mergers… argued that the investigations were actually “consistent with protecting consumers’ access to cannabis products, not with animosity toward the industry…” Attorney general, Merrick Garland [in 2021] publicly reaffirmed that he does not feel the Department of Justice should be using its limited resources to go after people using marijuana in compliance with state law.

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Biden DEA pick spoke against marijuana decriminalization, but booker says she’ll end ‘drug war policies’
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