Psychedelic telemedicine has arrived…

After an online screening process, clients are set up with a nurse practitioner who determines dosing and takes a medical history… clients can proceed unguided after the second session, former clients said… many similar teleservices springing up,

“They would say, ‘Thank you for sharing that with me.’ And that was what they said every time I said a sentence,” Alex said. After his second session, the guide told him that he could do self-guided experiences from then on. He asked to raise his dose, and it was agreed he would take three 200 mg tablets for his third session – a total of 600 mg. But when he started to feel the effects, they were too strong… when he looked at the package for the tablets when he was lucid again, he found he had been sent the wrong dose. The tablets were 300 mg each; he had taken 900 mg instead of 600 mg.

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Psychedelic telemedicine has arrived. What could possibly go wrong?
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