The cops and politicians joining Canada’s cannabis business

“There’s absolutely no way Canada would be in this position right now as far as taking steps to legalise had it not been for the work that the activists did ” -Derek Ogden, who spent more than 25 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, including as head of the force’s drug squad.

Former British Columbia municipal politician Barinder Rasode “grew up thinking [pot] was a gateway drug that ruined people’s lives”. Now she’s president of the new National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education, which researches cannabis production and its use in Canada. Marijuana activists have done “an amazing job” at highlighting problems with prohibition but with legalisation on the horizon, “having many voices at the table is really, really important”, she says. “I don’t think the fact that somebody at some point had a different opinion about cannabis should exclude them,” she adds. “I actually think their voices are extremely valuable.” [Derek Ogden claims he also] understands the frustration of activists watching the people they battled for decades now entering the industry.

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‘The cops and politicians joining Canada’s cannabis business
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