The electric kool-aid acid cure

“How do you comfort the dying? You could try giving them LSD. It’s not a facetious idea. In March 2014, Dr. Peter Gasser, a Swiss psychiatrist, published the results of using LSD alongside talk therapy for 12 patients with terminal illness. It was the first controlled trial of the drug in over 40 years. And it helped.”

Depression is not the only condition potentially treatable by these once-forbidden compounds. They seem to be of potential help in anxiety and nicotine or alcohol dependence as well. According to one intriguing scientific meta-analysis published in 2012, “A single dose of LSD, in the context of various alcoholism treatment programs, is associated with a decrease in alcohol misuse.” A similar approach might work for those who love cigarettes too much: “Psilocybin may be a potentially efficacious adjunct to current smoking cessation treatment models.” Even the ordinary recreational use of psychedelic drugs in the American population, it seems, is associated with reduced psychological stress, and less risk of suicide. The studies are mounting up. None are definitive, but the implications all point the same way. The potential benefits of these substances, many physicians and researchers now say, demand a change in their legal status.

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Therapeutic and health benefits of psychedelics
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