Marijuana companies urged governor to ban… home cultivation, document shows… [are psilocybin… companies doing the same?]

“From our perspective, it’s really hard to see any real reason – other than individual and corporate greed – to be against home cultivation at this point,” Erik Altieri, executive director of NORML… “There’s not a lot of rational concerns when it comes to allowing a limited amount of plants for an individual to grow at home.”

…a chapter titled “The Fallacy of Home Grow” makes very specific—and, in the eyes of advocates, misleading—arguments against allowing… cultivation for personal use. The group recognized that people want home cultivation because of “currently high price…” or because they see it as an “individual civil liberty.” Home growing – seen by many as a commonsense policy that ensures access to cannabis for individuals who can’t afford retail prices, live too far… or just want to flex their green thumbs…

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Marijuana companies urged Governor to ban… home cultivation, document shows
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